Steven Gassenberger is a policy analyst with Reason Foundation's Pension Integrity Project.

Prior to joining Reason, Gassenberger worked as a consumer advocacy manager for Xerox Corporation specializing in financial consumer regulation and compliance. He also worked as a senior associate for Stateside Associates, where he developed state-level management strategies for a variety of policy areas. Prior to that, held positions at the National Breast Cancer Coalition and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

At Reason, Gassenberger has contributed to in-depth analysis of the Arkansas TRS, Florida FRS, Louisiana LASERS, Louisiana TRSL, Mississippi PERS, Montana MPERS, Montana TRS, New Mexico ERB, New Mexico PERA, North Dakota PERS, Texas ERS, and Texas TRS pension systems.

Gassenberger has also presented testimony in Montana, Nebraska, and Texas during state pension reform efforts. 

His work has been published in The Wall Street Journal and Business Observer

Gassenberger recently shared the stage at the Pelican Institute’s Solutions Summit 2.0 with Louisiana State Senator Barrow Peacock, Michigan State Senator Phil Pavlov, and Jonathan Williams, Chief Economist at The American Legislative Exchange Council in discussing “Fostering a Sustainable System for Louisiana.”

Gassenberger graduated from the University of New Orleans with a BA in international relations and received a MA in public policy from Tel Aviv University.

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