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  • Reason in Guatemala

    • February 20, 2020 - February 22, 2020
      12:00 pm

    Reason will host a three-day conference on Liberty in the Western Hemisphere February 20-22, 2020 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Tickets are no longer available online for this event. For more information, please contact event director Preston Cornish at Join Reason’s David Nott, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, Jacob Sullum, Jim Epstein, and Ron Bailey, with special guests: Member (more…)

  • Taste of the Trade War — Issue Release Party at Reason’s DC Office

    • Registration
      March 4, 2020
      6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Globalization is delicious, but the trade war is harming domestic producers and driving up prices of imports. Join us at our Dupont Circle office on March 4 to eat, drink, and learn about the benefits of free trade. We will also be celebrating the release of (more…)

  • Debate: The Soho Forum — Is Big Tech Taking Over?

    • March 9, 2020
      6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

      Antitrust should take the initiative to control the size of big tech companies. Big tech companies are threatening democracy— according to Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu, author of The Curse of Bigness.  In an interview last year with Wired Magazine, Prof. Wu, who coined the term “net neutrality,” explains that the tech sector “was traditionally the most decentralized, most innovative part of the economy.” Yet it (more…)

  • Reason Weekend 2020

    • April 30, 2020 - May 3, 2020
      6:00 pm - 12:00 pm

    Come join the fun at Reason Weekend 2020, our annual long weekend for members of Reason’s exclusive Torchbearer Society. You’ll spend time with great speakers, engage in spirited conversation, and enjoy amazing food at one of Nashville’s most historic hotels. It will be a weekend to remember! Join: Kennedy, FOX Business Network Alan Gura, Partner, (more…)