Jen Sidorova is a policy analyst with the Pension Integrity Project.

At Reason, Sidorova has contributed to in-depth analysis of the Mississippi PERS, Montana PERS, Montana TRS, and North Carolina TSERS pension systems, among others.

Sidorova's work has been published in the The Washington Times, Orange County Register, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,, MarketWatch, The Clarion-Ledger, Union-Sun & Journal, Real Clear Policy, Townhall, and Yahoo! Money.

Her work has been featured by Equable, Carolina Journal, The Foundation for Economic Education, and Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

Sidorova recently presented a panel paper at the APPAM 42nd Annual Fall Research Conference along with University of Texas, Dallas Associate Professor Evgenia Gorina and his Reason colleagues Anil Niraula and Marc Joffe.

Sidorova holds Master of Arts degrees in economics and political science from Stony Brook University.

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