Marc Joffe is a senior policy analyst at Reason Foundation.

After a long career in the financial industry, including a senior director role at Moody's Analytics, Joffe's research focuses on municipal finances, alternative asset investments, transportation policy and federal, state and local fiscal policy. 

His financial research has been published by the California State Treasurer's Office, UC Berkeley, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, California Policy Center, The Center for Municipal Finance, and the Macdonald-Laurier Institute among others.

Joffe is a regular contributor to The Orange County Register and his op-eds have also appeared in The Fiscal Times, Governing, National Review, The Hill, and The San Jose Mercury News.

Joffe recently presented a panel paper at the APPAM 42nd Annual Fall Research Conference along with University of Texas, Dallas Associate Professor Evgenia Gorina and his Reason colleagues Anil Niraula and Jen Sidorova.

He has an MBA from New York University and an MPA from San Francisco State University.

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