Policy Brief

The Year 2010 in IT Outsourcing, Network Neutrality, and Federal Broadband

Telecommunications Chapter of Annual Privatization Report 2010

This section of Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2010 provides an overview of hot topics in technology outsourcing and telecommunications policy. Topics include:

  • IT outsourcing in state governments,
  • Cloud computing and the future of IT outsourcing,
  • the national Network Neutrality debate, and
  • an analysis of the FCC’s new National Broadband Plan.

» Annual Privatization Report 2010: Telecommunications [pdf, 600 kB]

» Complete Annual Privatization Report 2010

Steven Titch served as a policy analyst at Reason Foundation from 2004 to 2013.

Leonard Gilroy is vice president of government reform at Reason Foundation and senior managing director of Reason's Pension Integrity Project.