Please Go To Bed, Dear Lawmakers

This little item from my daily Congressional bulletin caught my eye this morning:

“TUESDAY’S LATE GAMES. The House Appropriations Committee was busy late into Tuesday night and early this morning, wrapping up action on a pair of spending bills. The committee approved a $24.2 billion Financial Services funding bill for FY10 after rejecting Republican bids to provide full funding for a District of Columbia education voucher program and to retain laws restricting abortions and barring the medical use of marijuana in the capital….”

So Democrats were up late to screw over minority kids trapped in D.C.’s hope-killing public schools by scrapping the little pittance — $14 million – that funds a federal voucher program. (My column on that here). And Republicans were up late trying to scrap our right to control our bodies.

Now here’s a taxpayer funded program that I’d support: Free Nytols for all elected officials to put them to bed early!