Reason Foundation’s California Reform Agenda

What do we want California to look like in 10 yearsâ??and how do we get there?

California is beset by problems that are reducing the quality of life its residents should be enjoying. The state has not really had a balanced budget in years, with spending growing faster than revenue-despite tax hikes. Too many jobs are leaving the state and the business climate is deteriorating. The quality of public services, from schools to roads, is not meeting even the minimum expectations of most Californians.

Reason Foundation’s California Reform Agenda is tackling the question: What do we want California to look like in 10 years-and how do we get there?

Part of the answer is we must change the system itself. The California Reform Agenda is modeled on the successful “San Diego Citizens Budget” project – which in 2003 helped uncover that city’s financial problems and produced an ambitious “Reform Agenda” that helped save that city from bankruptcy over the past decade. Key parts of the California Reform Agenda are:

  • Define and drive fiscal policy solutions to fix California’s budget and encourage job growth
  • Make California the nation’s freest state
  • Communicate to diverse California communities and engage the new California majority in setting priorities
  • Encourage and educate policy makers to develop better, more performance-based policy ideas

We are always looking for new, innovative ideas to help fix California. If you have an idea, please let us know by clicking here. Thank you.