Madison S. Carlino is a policy analyst at Reason Foundation. Her work primarily focuses on drug policy in the United States, including psychedelic medicine and marijuana laws.

Before joining Reason, Carlino worked as a research intern and grant writer with the James Madison Institute in Tallahassee, where she focused on education policies that empower Florida parents to choose schools, courses, resources, and programs that fit their child's unique needs, interests, and learning styles. Her research also emphasized the role of constitutional rights in promoting democracy and freedom.

As an undergraduate, Carlino was a policy analyst at Florida State University's DeVoe L. Moore Center. During her tenure there, she developed and conducted a research project examining the relationship between Cuban enclaves and Cuban wages in Miami.

Carlino graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in economics from Florida State University, where she double-majored in economics and media/communication studies with a minor in business.

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