Education Newsletter: School Finance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Education Newsletter: School Finance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Plus: Families considering homeschooling have a variety of options and curriculum choices, targeting education funding to disadvantaged students, and more.

Notable Quotable

“Principals typically control only 8 percent of operating dollars. Instead, spending decisions should be pushed down to school leaders as districts in cities such as Denver, Indianapolis, and Boston have done.” — Aaron Garth Smith and Christian Barnard, Reason Foundation

School Finance In the News

Infographic: School Finance in the Aftermath of COVID-19
State policymakers should push spending flexibility down to the local level and minimize the effects of budget cuts on disadvantaged students.

It’s More Important Than Ever to Let Education Funding Follow Kids
A massive crisis like the coronavirus pandemic means that families need flexibility and options.

Families Considering Homeschooling Have a Variety of Options and Curriculum Choices
A guide to popular homeschooling models and resources.

Research and Resources Spotlight

Targeting Education Funding to Disadvantaged Students
This report explores how states that want to fine-tune their funding formulas to better meet the needs of their economically disadvantaged students can learn from the experiences of others.

Despite Budget Deficit, Texas Must Stay Committed to Funding State Pension Plans
Policymakers should maintain consistent pension contributions at appropriate levels and adopt more risk-averse plan assumptions for teacher retirement systems.