Residency Requirements for Marijuana Licensure

Policy Brief

Residency Requirements for Marijuana Licensure

It is not clear that residency requirements reduce marijuana diversion or trafficking.

Many states that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana have included requirements that marijuana license holders, employees, or even consumers be state residents. The requirement is justified as a way to ensure safety in the industry and keep out-of-state investors from reaping all the economic benefits. Yet by limiting investment and entry into the legal marijuana business, residency requirements could prevent potential entrepreneurs from getting the capital they need.

Economic protectionism also has the effect of reducing overall market size. Advocates of protectionism claim that the marijuana industry can be made up of small businesses because of residency restrictions. But policymakers would be wise to consider if the reduction in investment is worth the supposed benefits for regulators. With the requirements, the industry will likely suffer as out-of-state investment and expertise flow into other states.

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