Ten Myths and Facts on Transportation Partnerships

Policy Brief

Ten Myths and Facts on Transportation Partnerships

Addressing fears, misperceptions surrounding transportation PPPs in Ohio

In an era of declining transportation funding, public-private partnerships (PPP) have the potential to offer greater flexibility and increased infrastructure investment. Given their potential, and the importance of the issue to our state’s future, this tool should be evaluated based on facts and data, not myths and emotional reactions. To that end the Buckeye Institute, Ohio’s free market think tank, partnered with the Reason Foundation to release a new policy brief, Ten Myths and Facts on Transportation Public-Private Partnerships, authored by Reason’s Leonard Gilroy and Robert Poole.

This policy brief, the first of a series, seeks to clear away the fear and misconceptions surrounding PPPs so that policy makers and the public can have an informed debate about how best to address Ohio’s critical transportation and infrastructure needs and how this tool might fit within the state’s larger strategy.