Policy Brief

How to Tackle Some of LA’s Problems


With a city budget of over $5 billion and over 35,000 employees to manage, the next Mayor of Los Angeles-whether Mayor Hahn in a second term or a new mayor faces many decisions that are going to affect the quality of life of Los Angelenos. He be offered a lot of advice on how to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities he has, not only in managing the city government but showing leadership issues of vital importance to city residents. Various groups support differing issues during an election, but a smaller set of issues will have long-term effects on life in Los Angeles. Reason Foundation offers here a set of recommendations on a few of those key issues:

  • Making Our Freeways Work Better
  • Improving the Transit System
  • Helping Our Schools
  • Using Competition to Improve City Services
  • Better Managing City Assets

These issues cut to the core of quality of life in Los Angeles and a mayor that can make real progress in improving transportation, schools, and city services without raising taxes or fees is going to create new jobs and make Los Angeles a better place to live.