The Year 2011 in IT Outsourcing, Network Neutrality, and Federal Broadband
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The Year 2011 in IT Outsourcing, Network Neutrality, and Federal Broadband

Telecommunications Chapter of Annual Privatization Report 2011

This section of Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2011 provides an overview of hot topics in technology outsourcing and telecommunications policy. Topics include:

  • Technology has changed the economics of delivering universal broadband, and new issues have arisen as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) seeks to implement its $4.5 billion Connect America Fund (CAF).
  • Policymakers continue to grapple with Internet sales tax collection, while states like California, New York, Michigan and Connecticut works to expand their definition of which firms are taxable under state laws.
  • Varying definitions of privacy are impacting legislation at the federal and state level as officials seek additional authority over search, social networking and e-commerce sites.
  • A radio spectrum shortage is pitting wireless companies against broadcasters, since increased sales of smartphones and wireless-compatible devices like the iPad are increasing the strain on wireless networks.
  • The longer the FCC delays action on making more radio frequencies available to wireless providers, consumer should expect slower service, more dropped connections and higher latency on video and game content.

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