New Database of California Public Pensions
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New Database of California Public Pensions

A recently launched database of California public pensions may be of interest to researchers, policymakers, and concerned taxpayers. Created by a team of Stanford academics, the site called “Pension Tracker” provides detailed information about the financial status of California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and independent employer agencies in California’s counties, cities, and special districts. The database contains approximately 2 million data points and relies on actuarial, budgetary, demographic, and other financial data from official sources.

The site also allows the ranking of cities, counties, and districts based on pension metrics such as unfunded liability per household and employer contribution/tax revenues.

To access the database, go here.

Truong Bui

Truong Bui is a managing director of the Pension Integrity Project and senior policy analyst at Reason Foundation.