Richard C. Seder is the director of education studies for Reason Public Policy Institute, a national public policy research organization. Mr. Seder has done extensive work in the area of quantitative and qualitative research on the structure of educational systems; school choice programs; accountability issues; and the impact of expenditures on student achievement. Before joining RPPI, Mr. Seder worked as a research assistant to the executive director for the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., where he assisted in a study analyzing the relationship between public and private post-secondary institutions in three states. Prior to that, he was the recipient of a Charles G. Koch Fellowship through the Center of Market Processes examining the effects of immigration on the U.S. economy. Additionally, Mr. Seder has served as a project director for the Allegheny County School System Project in Pennsylvania, where he conducted extensive research on 43 public school districts. Mr. Seder holds a Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management from the Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh as well as a double bachelors degree in Government and Economics from Beloit College in Wisconsin.

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