Amy Pelletier is officially Reason's Director of Organizational Development, and unofficially Reason's Jill-of-all-trades-wrangling a new database, planning major events like Reason Weekend, and managing Reason's far-flung human capital. Her dual focus is on the infrastructure that supports and connects Reason's highly productive policy analysts, journalists and video producers, and the identification of new talent for the organization. Amy joined Reason Foundation in 2005 as a project manager coordinating and leading outreach for Reason's Mobility Project.

Before joining Reason, Amy was the Chief Operating Officer at the Institute for Humane Studies, a non-profit educational organization that educates students about the ideas of liberty. One of her favorite responsibilities at I.H.S. was to help young people begin careers in the free-market movement. Today, one of her extracurricular interests is working with others in the public policy world to attract talented young managers and leaders to non-profit organizations. Amy received a B.A. in Political Science from American University. She lives in Orange County, California, with her husband, producer Paul Feine.

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