Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, October 2016
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Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, October 2016

Notable Quotable:

“Fair Student Funding is not about budgets. It is about equity,
freedom, and accountability…We can confidently say that two
schools with the same kids have the same budgets, although programs
may look very different.”” – Andres Alonso, Baltimore City Public

Student Based Budgeting in the News:

Mississippi Looks to Overhaul Funding

The state could adopt student-based budgeting to address current
funding inequities as lawmakers turn to school finance experts for

Pushback Against ESSA Mandate Could be Resolved by

Funding equity at the district level should be pushed down to
Michigan’s schools.

Audit Uncovers Problems with School Funding in New

Districts aren’t given funding based on enrollment and student
population as required by law, resulting in both underfunding and

California’s Fight Over Bilingual Education
Highlights Need for School Choice

Proposition 58 puts the rights of parents and educators at odds
with each other, but this doesn’t need to be the case.

Proposed ESSA Rule Could Result in Substantial

New methodologies for demonstrating compliance with Title I’s
supplement-not-supplant provision could affect spending and
reporting practices.

Student Based Budgeting 101:

Metro Nashville Public Schools’ Budget in 83

A short video explains the basics of student-based budgeting and
why it is good for students and educators alike.

Best Practices Spotlight:

ESSA’s Impact on Equity and Student-Based

A presentation by David Rosenberg of Education Resource Strategies
highlights how
provisions in the new federal law will affect school districts.

Annual Dashboard on Portfolio Districts
CRPE’s comprehensive report details how the nation’s portfolio
districts are progressing in implementing key reforms.

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