Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, September 2015
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Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, September 2015

Our goal is to give principals and school leadership control over as many resources as possible to personalize their school design.”

Notable Quotable

“Our goal is to give principals and school leadership control over as many resources as possible to personalize their school design.” Metro Nashville Public Schools

Student-Based Budgeting in the News

Student-based Budgeting Expanding in Colorado
A recently released policy brief by the Independence Institute details how six school districts have implemented student-based budgeting in order to promote equity, transparency, and flexibility in student funding.

House Version of ESEA Reauthorization Includes Title I Portability
The Student Success Act would establish a new option for states to distribute Title I funds.

Pennsylvania Commission Recommends Weighted-Student Formula
Pennsylvania’s Basic Education Funding Commission has made recommendations for comprehensive reform that would address their inequitable funding system.

Kansas’s Block Grant School Finance Law Ruled Unconstitutional
A non-partisan commission will help create a new formula next year that is “fair, equitable, and based on fact.”

Chicago Public Schools to Give More Budget Control to 25 Principals
Principals in CPS’s Independent Schools Program will receive increased budget autonomy, more training funds, and fewer compliance requirements in an effort to empower and retain high-performing principals.

Ten Years Later: Opinion vs. Fact about New Orleans’ Education Reform
Today over 90 percent of New Orleans’ students attend a public charter school and its graduation rate has increased from 54 percent in 2005 to 73 percent last year.

Student-Based Budgeting 101

Equitable Funding Does Not Stop at the District Level
An overview of how districts create funding inequities among their schools.

Low-Income Students are shortchanged in 41 States
An interactive map released by EdBuild provides a telling snapshot of funding inequities by state.

Best Practices Spotlight

A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting
ERS’s comprehensive guide provides district leaders with practical guidance on evaluating student-based budgeting, designing an effective system, and making a smooth transition.

Fordham Institute: Three ideas to Fix School Funding in Ohio
Education funding in Ohio needs more transparency, a refined weight-student formula, and should follow students to the schools of their choice.

Restart as a Strategy to Fix Underperforming Schools
The number of restart operators has grown as communities demand better results.

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