Education Newsletter: School Systems Adapt During Coronavirus Pandemic, Education Stimulus Money and More
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Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Education Newsletter: School Systems Adapt During Coronavirus Pandemic, Education Stimulus Money and More

Plus: When and how the U.S. should reopen schools, ensuring K-12 budget cuts don't hurt highest-need students, previewing the COVID-19 impact on state pension plans and more.

Notable Quotable

“This is an American phenomenon. In nearly every city the pattern is the same: State law allows (or even requires) the district to draw attendance zones showing who gets to attend which schools. Districts use the lines to determine who can enroll in these elite, high-performing public schools. Young families respond to the policies by cramming into the coveted zone, driving up home prices. Other parents lie about their address to gain access. The divide between the two schools, often just blocks apart, grows over time.” — Tim DeRoche, author of A Fine Line: How Most American Kids Are Kept Out of the Best Public Schools

School Finance In the News

Federal Policymakers Must Consider How Dollars Are Allocated
There are serious drawbacks to another round of stimulus funding, but if federal policymakers decide to inject additional education dollars into states they should avoid using existing allocation formulas.

How to Ensure K-12 Budget Cuts Don’t Hurt Highest-Need Students
Michigan has made some strides in funding fairness in recent decades and it’s important for this progress to continue, even during an economic downturn.

How the Education System Can Help Students and Parents Adapt During Coronavirus Pandemic
As everyone adapts during the pandemic, policymakers have the ability to provide more help to families by getting rid of unnecessary red tape and by expanding educational options.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Federal K-12 Education Stimulus Spending of 2009
As the coronavirus pandemic continues and Congress considers another relief and stimulus bill, the lessons of past stimulus bills should inform spending and education policy decisions.

Now Is the Time to Fix Public School Financing to Make It Fairer and More Effective
The economic downturn is likely going to force every state to tighten its belt, but that doesn’t mean that policymakers can’t make the most of every education dollar.

Research and Resources Spotlight

Interactive Data Tool: Previewing the COVID-19 Impact on State Pension Plans
Choose your preferred state public pension plans and investment return rate to see how their unfunded liabilities and funded ratios are being impacted by the market and economic downturn.

California’s Local Control Funding Formula Provides a Model For K-12 School Finance Reform
State policymakers evaluating school finance reform options would be wise to consider the Golden State’s approach to allocating education dollars.

Podcast: When and How the U.S. Should Reopen Schools
What returning to school might look like during the coronavirus pandemic.