Education Newsletter: Coronavirus and the Impact on Education Budgets, Homeschooling, and More
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Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Education Newsletter: Coronavirus and the Impact on Education Budgets, Homeschooling, and More

Plus: Charter school safety, Hawaii’s approach to education funding, teachers' pensions in Arkansas, and more.

Notable Quotable

“Finally, as legislators look to streamline education funding for the sake of equity, it’s also important that they do away with old funding restrictions. Likewise, school district administrators should also focus on giving more autonomy to school principals in allowing them to make their own decisions about staffing arrangements and academic programs.” — Christian Barnard, Reason Foundation

In the News

The COVID-19 Economic Fallout Is Going to Hurt Education Budgets, Here’s What States Can Do
In coping with the financial impacts and fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, policymakers should learn from past mistakes and make school finance reforms that ensure low-income and disadvantaged students aren’t disproportionately harmed by budget cuts and changes.

Economic Downturn Increases Need for School Finance Reform
Education has changed rapidly over the past two decades. Now facing an economic downturn, school finance systems must be reformed to reflect these new dynamics, including a need for equity and strict limits on excess local revenue.

Defending Against Attacks on Homeschooling
As families and schools try to adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdowns, a genuine exchange of ideas based on evidence about homeschooling is needed.

Research and Resources Spotlight

Hawaii’s Approach to Education Funding Is a Model For Other States
Hawaii’s transition to weighted-student funding can help inform school finance reform across the country.

Are Charter Schools Safer?
A new Reason Foundation working paper finds that public charter schools generally report fewer school climate problems than district-run public schools in Pennsylvania.

Video Arkansas School Finance: Opportunities for Reform
With tough fiscal times ahead, policymakers must optimize how education dollars are allocated and spent. This recorded webinar provided an overview of Arkansas’ school finance system, highlighted critical trends with data, and shared what other states are doing to improve their funding systems.

Video —  Pension Underfunding: Implications for Arkansas Public Education
Reason’ Foundation’s Pension Integrity Project summarized the factors driving growth in the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System’s unfunded liabilities, explored how new market conditions could affect ATRS, and identified opportunities to strengthen ATRS for retirees, current teachers, and future educators alike.