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John McCain Wants You!
In an op-ed for The New York Times today, Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch writes, “Behind any successful politician lies a usable contradiction, and John McCain’s is this: We love him (and occasionally hate him) for his stubborn individualism, yet his politics are best understood as a decade-long attack on the individual. The presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party has seduced the press and the public with frank confessions of his failings, from his hard-living flyboy days to his adulterous first marriage to the Keating Five scandal. But in both legislation and rhetoric, Mr. McCain has consistently sought to restrict the very freedoms he once exercised, in the common national enterprise of ‘serving a cause greater than self-interest.'”
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McCain’s Principled Stand Against Pork
In his nationally syndicated column, Reason magazine’s Jacob Sullum examines the presidential candidates’ records on earmarks and credits Sen. McCain for realizing “that the federal government was not created so that taxpayers in New Jersey could pay for bridges in Alaska or sweet potato research in Mississippi.”

What Sen. Clinton Is Hiding
In the New York Post, Reason Foundation’s Amanda Hydro examines Sen. Hillary Clinton’s claim that she is “the most transparent person in public life.” Hydro calls this “Clintonian transparency” and says “if not disclosing her sources of income and sharing her tax returns since leaving the White House equals transparency, then yes, those Clintons are one transparent couple.” Hydro also details Clinton’s affinity for pork projects, especially those that benefit campaign donors, and concludes that Clinton “hasn’t passed the threshold test for calling herself transparent.”
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