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Reason Alert: Drew Carey and Reason Launch

  • Drew Carey and Reason Foundation Launch Video Journalism Project,
  • Join us at the Drew Carey Project Launch Party at “Reason in DC” Event
  • Brian Doherty on Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged in WSJ

Drew Carey and Reason Launch Video Journalism Project,
Carey hosts videos examining issues like traffic congestion, immigration and eminent domain

Drew Carey and Reason are teaming together to examine hot-button issues, including, immigration, eminent domain, drug laws and traffic congestion. Carey is hosting a series of short documentaries at our new website,

“We need Reason to help fight the stupid drug laws, the stupid immigration laws, and stupid big government in general,” says Carey.

“Drew’s unique perspective and creativity are going to change and enliven the country’s policy debates,” declares David Nott, president of Reason Foundation. “Anyone who believes in choice, individual liberty and economic freedom is going to feel right at home at” is a new online community that will showcase the best free market ideas and videos on the Internet. gives you the opportunity to create videos, share videos and suggest topics for Drew Carey’s upcoming documentaries.

In the first video, Gridlock, released today, Carey delves into a problem aggravating nearly everyone: traffic congestion. Carey meets Josh Lipking, whose 16-mile commute should take 25 minutes. On Los Angeles’ slow-moving, jam-packed roads it takes Josh 90 minutes – each way. That’s three hours a day, lost.

Carey, who makes a living giving away great prizes, hires a helicopter to chauffeur Josh to work, showing him how easy his commute could be without that nightmarish traffic.

Since helicopters aren’t the answer for everyone, Carey details how cities around the world are using high-tech solutions to build tunnels, elevated highways, and innovative bridges that reduce bottlenecks and make it easier to get around. But Carey doesn’t want taxpayers stuck paying for these much-needed projects, so he explores how the government can get the private sector to foot the bill.

“I’d love to own a freeway in Los Angeles,” Carey says.
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Join Us at the Drew Carey Project Launch Party at “Reason in DC” Event
Join Reason in Washington, DC, on October 26-27 for the Drew Carey Project Launch Party and a great lineup of speakers, including, MTV’s Kurt Loder, Fox News Channel’s Judge Andrew Napolitano, U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, Assistant U.S. Secretary of Transportation Tyler Duvall, U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Interior Lynn Scarlett, SEC Commissioner Paul S. Atkins, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Nobel Prize winner Vernon Smith, and many others. For more information on “Reason in DC,” or to register, please click here.

Brian Doherty on Ayn Rand in WSJ
In a column for The Wall Street Journal, Reason magazine’s Brian Doherty examines the 50th anniversary of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and what we can learn from it today, “Her message of political freedom was enthusiastic, and optimistic, and immensely popular. No major American political party has embraced her message in full. But millions of Americans have voted for her with their pocket books, and hundreds of thousands continue to do so every year. On the 50th anniversary of her greatest novel, her advocacy of the still ‘unknown ideal’ of truly free market capitalism is something that America, and the conservative movement, needs to reconsider.”
» Doherty’s Book: Radicals for Capitalism