Annual Privatization Report 2009

Annual Privatization Report

Annual Privatization Report 2009

Reason Foundation's 23rd annual report on privatization and outsourcing

Annual Privatization Report 2009With governments at all levels facing severe budget deficits and prolonged fiscal crises amid the national economic recession, privatization and public-private partnerships have become increasingly prominent in fiscal policy debates, according to Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2009.

“Governments are swimming in red ink and realizing the effects of the recession will be felt long after the economy recovers,” said Leonard Gilroy, editor of the report and director of government reform at Reason Foundation. “Interest in privatization is sky-high and rightly so. Now more than ever, policymakers need to study their priorities, re-examine what are really core government functions, and then tap the private sector’s expertise in all of the areas where they can save taxpayer money and improve the delivery of services.”

The Annual Privatization Report details the latest trends and examples of how public officials at the federal, state and local level are reducing costs and improving service delivery through public-private partnerships, outsourcing and performance-based government. It also examines privatization’s progress in transportation, education, corrections, water and wastewater services and telecommunications.