Annual Privatization Report 2005
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Annual Privatization Report

Annual Privatization Report 2005

Reason Foundation – Annual Privatization Report 2005

Annual Privatization Report 2005
Edited by Geoffrey F. Segal
In its 19th year of publication, Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report helps policy- and opinion-makers understand the fast-moving arena of privatization, outsourcing, and government reform. And now APR is evolving to better suit your needs.

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APR Table of Contents
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» Intro [.pdf] » Authors [.pdf] » Letter from the Editor [.pdf | html] » Table of Contents [.pdf] » Federal Update [.pdf | html] » State Privatization Update [.pdf | html] » Tax and Spending Limitations [.pdf | html] » Emerging Issues
» Social Security Reform [.pdf | html] » Arctic National Wildlife Refuge [.pdf | html] » Offshore Outsourcing [.pdf | html] » Improving Parks Funding and Services
with User Fees [.pdf | html] » Contract Management and Performance [.pdf | html] » Privatization Going Postal in Japan [.pdf | html] » Military Housing Privatization [.pdf | html] » Housing and Land Use [.pdf | html] » Air Transportation [.pdf | html] » Surface Transportation [.pdf | html] » Rail Transportation [.pdf | html] » Space Travel [.pdf | html] » Health Care [.pdf | html] » Water/Wastewater [.pdf | html] » Corrections [.pdf | html] » Education [.pdf | html] » Insurance [.pdf | html] » Developing Nations [.pdf | html] » Endnotes [.pdf]
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» Geoffrey F. Segal
Principal Authors
» Ted Balaker
» Michael De Alessi
» Adrian T. Moore
» Robert W. Poole, Jr.
» Lisa Snell
» Samuel Staley
» Adam B. Summers
Contributing Authors
» Chris Atkins
Atkins is a staff attorney with the Tax Foundation.» Ronald Bailey
Bailey is Reason’s Science Correspondent.

» John Berthoud
Berthoud is the president of the National Taxpayers Union.

» Chris Edwards
Edwards is the director of tax policy studies for the CATO Institute.

» Chris Fiscelli
Fiscelli is a senior fellow at Reason Foundation.

» Steven J. Fisher
Fisher is the founder and CEO of SlipStream Air, an aerospace company focused on providing logistics solutions to the private jet and space industries.

» Michael D. LaFaive
LaFaive is the director of fiscal policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

» Wayne Lusvardi
Lusvardi is a real estate analyst with a large regional water supplier in Southern California.

» Francois Melese
Melese is an associate professor of economics at the Defense Resources Management Institute, Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.

» Max Pappas
Pappas is the policy director for FreedomWorks.

» James Shikwati
Shikwati is the director of the Inter Region Economic Network and coordinator of the Africa Resource Bank.

» Charles B. Warren
Warren is a real estate consultant and appraiser with Warren and Warren, San Francisco, and a Visiting Professor of Real Estate at the Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey.

Reason’s Vice President of Research
» Adrian T. Moore
» Leonard Gilroy
Media Contact
» Chris Mitchell
(800) 582-2245 ext. 3037
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