Policy Study

Estimating Fatalities Induced by Economic Impacts of EPA’s Ozone and Particulate Standards


Dr.. Ralph L.. Keeney is a professor of systems management at the University of Southern California. Previously,, Dr. Keeney has been a profesor in engineering and in management at MIT, a Research Scholar at the International Institute for Applied System Analysis in Austria, and has consulted on such issues as energy policy and large--scale facility siting. He is the author of Value--Focused Thinking (Harvard University Press, 1992); Siting Energy Facilities (Academiic Prres, 1980); and "Estimating Fatalities Induced by the Economic Costs of Regulations" (Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 1997). Dr. Keeney's current research included quantitatively examining the implications of the "richer is safer" phenomenon.

Kenneth Green, D.Env., is Director of the Environmental Program at Reason Public Policy Institute and an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s most recent report on climate change. Dr. Green has published several peer-reviewed policy studies on climate change for RPPI, including A Plain English Guide to the Science of Climate Change, Climate Change Policy Options and Impacts, Evaluating the Kyoto Approach to Climate Change, and A Baker's Dozen: 13 Questions People Ask About the Science of Climate Change. He received his doctorate in environmental science and engineering from UCLA in 1994.