Developments in Criminal Justice and Corrections

Policy Brief

Developments in Criminal Justice and Corrections

Criminal Justice and Corrections Chapter of Annual Privatization Report 2015

This section of Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2015 provides a comprehensive overview of the latest on criminal justice reform, public-private partnerships in corrections, correctional healthcare privatization and more. Subsections include:

A. 2014-15 Corrections Privatization Overview

B. Federal Criminal Justice Reform Update

C. State and Local Corrections Privatization Update

D. State and Local Correctional Health Care Privatization Update

E. ANALYSIS: Reforming California’s Three Strikes Law

F. ANALYSIS: Reforming Florida’s Harsh Sentencing Laws and Gain-Time Policies

» Annual Privatization Report 2015: Criminal Justice and Corrections [pdf, 3.9 MB]

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