Policy Brief

Privatization and Public-Private Partnership Trends in Local Government

Local Privatization Chapter of Annual Privatization Report 2014

This section of Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2014 provides a comprehensive overview of the latest on privatization and public-private partnerships in local government. Subsections include:

A. Municipal Fiscal Review and Outlook

B. ANALYSIS: Detroit Bankruptcy Plan of Adjustment Offers Mixed Bag on Outsourcing, Asset Privatization

C. Pontiac, Michigan Emerges From Emergency Manager Control as Contract City

D. Parking Asset Public-Private Partnerships Update

E. Solid Waste Public-Private Partnerships Update

F. Water and Wastewater Public-Private Partnerships Update

G. Golf Course Privatization Update

H. Zoo and Animal Shelter Public-Private Partnerships Update

I. Local Government Privatization News and Notes

» Annual Privatization Report 2014: Local Government Privatization [pdf, 5.1 MB]

» Complete Annual Privatization Report 2014

Leonard Gilroy is vice president of government reform at Reason Foundation, a nonprofit think tank advancing free minds and free markets. He also serves as senior managing director of the Pension Integrity Project at Reason Foundation, which assists policymakers and other stakeholders in designing, analyzing and implementing public sector pension reforms.