Policy Brief

Privatization and Public-Private Partnership Trends in Local Government

Local Privatization Chapter of Annual Privatization Report 2014

This section of Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2014 provides a comprehensive overview of the latest on privatization and public-private partnerships in local government. Subsections include:

A. Municipal Fiscal Review and Outlook

B. ANALYSIS: Detroit Bankruptcy Plan of Adjustment Offers Mixed Bag on Outsourcing, Asset Privatization

C. Pontiac, Michigan Emerges From Emergency Manager Control as Contract City

D. Parking Asset Public-Private Partnerships Update

E. Solid Waste Public-Private Partnerships Update

F. Water and Wastewater Public-Private Partnerships Update

G. Golf Course Privatization Update

H. Zoo and Animal Shelter Public-Private Partnerships Update

I. Local Government Privatization News and Notes

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