Policy Brief

Developments in Criminal Justice and Corrections

Criminal Justice and Corrections Chapter of Annual Privatization Report 2014

This section of Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report 2014 provides a comprehensive overview of the latest on criminal justice reform, public-private partnerships in corrections, correctional healthcare privatization and more. Subsections include:

A. 2013-14 Corrections Privatization Overview

B. Federal Criminal Justice Reform Update

C. State Corrections Privatization Update

D. FOCUS: Correctional Healthcare Privatization in the States

E. State and Local Correctional Healthcare Privatization Update

F. ANALYSIS: California’s Ongoing Struggle to Reduce Its State Prison Population

G. ANALYSIS: Reforming Louisiana’s Determinate Sentencing Laws

H. ANALYSIS: Criminal Justice Reforms Prompt Evolution in Private Sector Rehabilitation Offerings

I. ANALYSIS: Philosophical Objections to Private Prisons

» Annual Privatization Report 2014: Criminal Justice and Corrections [pdf, 2.5 MB]

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