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Peters Nomination “Is a Home Run”

Expert says Peters was nation's best-ever Federal Highway Administrator

Los Angeles (September 5, 2006) – Reason Foundation’s Robert Poole strongly supports the Bush administration’s decision to nominate Mary Peters to succeed Norman Mineta as secretary of transportation.

“This appointment is a home run for all Americans hoping for better transportation. Mary Peters was the best Federal Highway Administrator this country ever had,” stated Poole. “She challenged a rather staid and conservative industry of contractors and state transportation officials to think outside the box, looking at what their customers want and need, and at new ways to meet those needs. She challenged the status quo of fuel taxes, talking at length about expanded roles for tolls and value-pricing. She challenged the status quo of the state as monopoly highway provider and championed new roles for public-private partnerships. Her fingerprints are all over the innovative pricing, funding, and contracting provisions of last year’s surface transportation reauthorization, SAFETEA-LU. She was my clear first choice for secretary of transportation.”

Poole, founder and director of transportation at Reason Foundation, a free market think tank, is an M.I.T.-trained engineer who has advised the last four presidential administrations on policy issues.

Recently, Peters has been serving as a member of the Reason Foundation’s Mobility Project Advisory Board.

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