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Mercatus Center’s Robert Graboyes Wins 2014 Bastiat Prize

Donald Boudreaux and Roman Hardgrave of MRUniversity Win Reason Video Prize

The Mercatus Center’s Robert Graboyes is the winner of Reason Foundation’s 2014 Bastiat Prize, which honors the writing that best demonstrates the importance of individual liberty and free markets with originality, wit, and eloquence.

“Bob Graboyes’ concise, witty explanations of the power of technology and dangers of government interference perfectly exemplified the essence of the prize; he is a modern day Bastiat,” said Julian Morris, vice president of Reason Foundation and founder of the Bastiat Prize.

Graboyes received $10,000 in prize money and engraved crystal candlesticks at the Reason Media Awards in New York City. The Australian’s Adam Creighton and Jeff Jacoby of The Boston Globe tied for second place and split $6,000.

Previous Bastiat Prize winners include Lane Filler, Ross Clark, Virginia Postrel, Anne Jolis, Tom Easton, Bret Stephens, John Hasnas, A. Barton Hinkle, Amit Varma, Jamie Whyte, Tim Harford, Mary O’Grady, Robert Guest, Brian Carney, Sauvik Chakraverti and Amity Shlaes.

Marginal Revolution University’s Donald Boudreaux and Roman Hardgrave won the $10,000 Reason Video Prize, which honors short-form, online video, film, and moving pictures that explore, investigate, or enrich libertarian beliefs in individual rights, limited government, and human possibilities.

The Moving Picture Institute and EconPop’s Andrew Heaton took second place and $5,000, while third place and $1,000 went to Dr. Art Carden of Samford University and Learn Liberty.

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