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Katherine Mangu-Ward has been named editor in chief of Reason. Mangu-Ward, who has been Reason magazine’s editor in chief since June 2016, will now oversee all of Reason’s print, digital, and video journalism.

“As Reason celebrates its 50th anniversary, we want to continue to evolve, improve how we serve our audiences and make sure we’re providing the best experiences for them no matter what types of content they consume or where they get it,” Reason Foundation President David Nott said. “Katherine’s leadership, creativity and ability to cultivate talent are well-suited to navigate the rapidly changing media landscape and drive our editorial strategy.”

“My goals for Reason are all the product of an overarching idea: I want people to read what we publish, listen to what we have to say, and give weight to our ideas, arguments and what we think is important,” said Mangu-Ward, who joined Reason in 2006. “I want our journalism to drive the national conversation, engage readers, and tackle the news cycle every day in ways that are always relevant, fresh, and smart.”

As editor in chief, Mangu-Ward will work closely with a team that includes Peter Suderman as new managing editor of Reason.com, Meredith Bragg in the newly created position of executive editor at Reason.tv, and Stephanie Slade, who continues as managing editor of Reason magazine.

Nick Gillespie, dubbed the “intellectual godfather of Reason” by The New York Times, has decided to move to an editor at large position so he can focus his time on content creation. Gillespie, who joined Reason in 1994, will write, host podcasts, create long- and short-form videos, and make public appearances to discuss libertarian ideas and explain the importance of free minds and free markets.

Matt Welch continues as an editor at large where he writes, hosts podcasts, and makes frequent appearances on television and radio programs.

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