Annual Privatization Report Examines How Public-Private Partnerships Are Being Used Across the World

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Annual Privatization Report Examines How Public-Private Partnerships Are Being Used Across the World

The latest developments in air traffic control, roads and bridges, state lotteries and liquor stores, child welfare programs, and more  

Reason Foundation’s Annual Privatization Report chronicles trends and developments in public-private partnerships, competitive sourcing, and infrastructure investment across the world. The report examines state governments, the federal government, air traffic control and airports, roads and highways, criminal justice and prisons, and more.

In the state government section, Leonard Gilroy, editor of the report and director of government reform at Reason Foundation, details the status of state budgets, privatization of state liquor stores and state lotteries, the use of social impact bonds, and the private sector’s current role in higher education and child welfare programs.

In the aviation chapter, Robert Poole, who has advised three presidential administrations on transportation issues, examines U.S. air traffic control corporatization, which he has been advocating for decades. With 40 of the largest 100 airports in the world either fully or partially controlled by private investors, private airport management and development continues to grow. The report also looks at the status the Transportation Security Administration’s expedited airport security screening program and the use of private screeners in some airports.

In the roads and highways section, Poole details 30 major public-private toll road and bridge projects in the U.S. and Canada. He also updates state road and highway privatization efforts.

In the transportation financing section, Poole examines how debt funds, pension funds, and special investment funds are being used to pay for infrastructure projects across the globe.

In the corrections segment, Gilroy and Lauren Galik report on federal criminal justice reforms, state and local correctional privatization developments, and changes to state sentencing laws and prison health care systems.

The federal government section provides an overview of federal contracting, medical care for veterans, private space travel, agriculture inspection, and more.

Additional sections on privatization in education and local government will be released in June.

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