Reason Foundation’s Drug Policy Newsletter, September 2018
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Drug Policy Newsletter

Reason Foundation’s Drug Policy Newsletter, September 2018

New Jersey marijuana legalization looms, Canada's roadside saliva-based drug test, cannabis costs, and more.

News and Opinion

As New Jersey prepares to legalize marijuana, Matt Harrison argues they should learn from mistakes already made by other states and instead take a much more light-handed approach to regulation.

Massachusetts’ promise to give priority review status to those harmed by the war on drugs has fallen way short of its intent.  

Canada has approved a roadside saliva-based device to test for marijuana but concerns remain about its efficacy.

Legislation, Regulation, and Markets

Cannabis on the east coast costs significantly more than on the west coast, mostly due to tax and regulatory differences as well as the fact that cannabis still cannot be transported across state lines.  

As California prepares to adopt burdensome emergency regulations for cannabis, one portion of the law could give a way to challenge those regulations in court.  

Some are concerned that North Dakota’s legalization ballot measure would also legalize driving under the influence of cannabis.

Florida’s legislature continues its pressure on cannabis regulators to finish rulemaking on a number of topics.  

Some local officials in New Jersey are calling for more social equity and harm reduction provisions in the new legalization framework.  


A new study shows that violent and property crime has declined in Washington and Colorado after legalization, suggesting that police are more effective in those states since they are no longer pursuing marijuana-related crimes.  

The state of Colorado released a new report examining the data on driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.