Reason Foundation’s Drug Policy Newsletter, May 2018
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Drug Policy Newsletter

Reason Foundation’s Drug Policy Newsletter, May 2018


The Kansas City Federal Reserve released a study detailing the positive economic effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado.

News & Opinion

This school believes that talking to young people about drug use earlier on and in a more realistic context can be more effective than the “Just Say No” model.

The federal government shut down a Florida brewery that was brewing CBD infused beer with no THC.  

Canada is making a push to decriminalize all drugs.

Legislation, Regulation, and Markets

Seattle and Massachusetts will begin vacating past marijuana crimes from certain criminal records.  

Colorado may regulate ingestible hemp products like other food ingredients.

Washington state is considering allowing home delivery for medical marijuana patients.  


Pennsylvania may lose a pioneering marijuana research program due to a poorly written distribution law.

A new study shows that marijuana provides effective relief from depression and anxiety in the short term, but prolonged use may exacerbate depression.   

A new study shows that slowing the rate of legal opioid prescriptions increases the use of synthetic drugs and fentanyl.