When Obama Speaks, “I Hear a Symphony”

President Barack Obama’s legendary charm is wearing thin with the general public. More people now think that Obama’s first six months in office are a failure than thought that George W. Bush’s first six months were a failure. But Obama seems to have lost none of his allure for the liberal glitterati.

Chris Matthews, the MSNBC host, famously declared after a campaign speech by Obama that every time His Awesomeness spoke, he felt this thrill going up his leg. “I don’t have that too often,” Matthews cooed.

And now the National Journal reports that after a recent health care luncheon with the president, Democratic Montana Senator Max Baucus was heard having this conversation with Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., in the White House driveway: “One of the senators was saying to me as we walked out, ‘You know, it’s just so wonderful to hear him speak.'”

And then Baucus offered his own review of the president’s oratory: “You know, it’s like a symphony. It’s like a great meal. He is so good.”

Back in a Senate hours later, Baucus was still gushing.

“It’s like going to a great symphony,” he said. “He is so good.”

Here is my suggestion: Taxpayers should spring for therapy sessions to help smitten lawmakers get over their Obama infatuation during the August recess. Maybe then, when they return in fall, we might be able to hammer a sensible health care reform plan.