Truth in Accounting: Educating and Empowering Citizens through Transparency

Truth in Accounting (TIA) announced the beta version of its new website, June 11, 2014. Consistent with TIA’s mission – to educate and empower citizens with understandable, reliable, and transparent government financial information – the website offers easy access to TIA’s analysis, weekly featured charts and relevant press information. It also provides incisive analysis on government accounting data from each of the 50 states.

The news section features TIA’s popular ‘Morning Call,’ a daily news digest of carefully selected articles about government finance and transparency. Readers can explore the website and find TIA speaker content on the Events page or gain access to their custom analysis in the Services section. Complimentary downloads include TIA’s unique analysis of the Financial State of the States, individual state asset and liability details, and TIA’s analysis of budgeting and accounting practices across all 50 states.

The website also provides access to TIA’s dynamic online resource, State Data Lab (SDL). SDL offers TIA’s unique, proprietary asset and liability analysis of all 50 states, yearly since 2009. Users can access TIA’s analysis, as well as carefully selected economic, demographic and state financial data, with a simple graphic tool on the site. State pages provide additional context and information highlighting state fiscal conditions.

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