The ObamaCare Summit and the Republican Response

So what should Republicans do at the ObamaCare summit today? Karl Rove says this morning in the Wall Street Journal that they should not let President Obama get away with his habitual prevarications on the issue. That’s good advice. But, ultimately, Republicans will have to do more if they want to be taken seriously on the issue. They will have to be constructive. And even though bipartisanship is over-rated, they can use it to hoist President Obama on his own petard by countering his phony bipartisan summit with one of their own that is genuinely bipartisan. Obama has already put his Big Government solutions on the table. Their summit should consider five progressive and five conservative ideas that will do the opposite: Move the country in the direction of patient-powered, market based reforms that will control costs and thereby shrink the rolls of the uninsured.

In my latest Forbest column, A Bipartisan Solution to ObamaCare, I outline these ideas.