Encourage Bottom-Up Redevelopment: Episode 5 of Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey

While the city crumbled, Cleveland taxpayers were paying huge amounts to subsidize stadiums. The next big taxpayer-funded boondoggle is the new convention center. “I didn’t know Cleveland was such a bustling convention city,” Drew Carey points out. “Take that Vegas!”

“Spending billions on big-ticket redevelopment has utterly failed to revitalize the city’s economy,” says Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie. “It’s time for Cleveland to realize that bottom-up projects driven by the actual residents and private-sector investors are the best was to build a vibrant city for the long haul.”

“We can all make our own decisions. We all want to live our own kind of life,” Carey declares. “We don’t need a centralized government tell us what to do all the time and tell us, you know, what color to paint our house and what we can put where. We’ll decide on our own. We’ll work it out with our neighbors on our own.”

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