Privatization & Government Reform Newsletter #23 (February 2016 edition)
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Privatization & Government Reform Newsletter #23 (February 2016 edition)

February 2016 edition: Arizona public safety pension reform, ATC reform, water policy, and more

The February 2016 edition of the Privatization & Government Reform Newsletter is now online. Topics covered in this issue include:

  • PENSIONS: Arizona Reforms Public Safety Pension System
  • AVIATION: Evaluating the Air Traffic Control Corporatization Proposal
  • EDUCATION: Elementary and Secondary Education Act Falls Short
  • TRANSPORTATION: The Truth About Millennial Commuting Patterns
  • PRIVATIZATION: Fixing Flint’s Water System
  • WATER: The Problems with Florida’s Water Conservation Plan
  • News & Notes
  • Quotable Quotes

The full newsletter is available here, and previous editions of the newsletter are available here.

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