Paper Says Missouri Should Look to Truck-Only Toll Lanes

A Joplin Globe editorial says “here is a toll plan that ought to be included in the discussion the next time legislators talk about long-term highway solutions: a public-private partnership to build toll roads for big trucks. Those four-lane routes would parallel interstates 44 and 70 and perhaps even U.S. 71, which one day will be folded into the interstate system.” The column cites Reason Foundation’s recent toll roads study, a joint effort with the Show-Me Institute. Back in 2004 USA Today noted, “Truck-only toll lanes are the brainchild of Robert Poole, an engineer who oversees transportation studies at the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank in Los Angeles.” Poole’s Studies: Corridors for Toll Truckways: Suggested Locations for Pilot Projects Toll Truckways: A New Path Toward Safer and More Efficient Freight Transportation