Obama on Education: Separate and Unequal

This is what Candidate Obama said about public school reform before he was elected:

“The biggest source of resistance [to reform]was rarely talked about . . . namely, the uncomfortable fact that every one of our churches was filled with teachers, principals, and district superintendents. Few of these educators sent their own children to public schools; they knew too much for that. But they would defend the status quo with the same skill and vigor as their white counterparts of two decades before.”

And this is what President Obama did after he was elected: Help kill the hugely popular D.C. voucher program.

The program has given 1,714 minoirty parents choices that they could otherwise have only dreamt of. For example, two of these parents used the voucher to send their kids to Sidwell Friends, the same school that the Obama girls attend. They will likely have to pull them out if the program ends while Malia and Sasha whistle their way to the Ivies.

Hope and change, anyone?