Green Divorces

If there is any doubt that global warming alarmism is turning into self-parody, the study reported below courtesy should put it to rest. If it had been released on April 1, most would have dismissed it as an April Fools joke. But, no, these guys, both Michigan State University profs are dead serious. But the methodological flaw in this study is this: It did not take into account the environmental damage of staying in a hellacious relationship. Surely, the heart-ache, indigestion and consequent increase in flatulence could not be good for global climate! Divorce, Global Warming-Style, December 3, 3007 Will lawyers soon be working out green divorces? They may need to since divorce causes global warming, according to a new study published Dec. 3 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Michigan State University researchers Eunice Yu and Jianguo Liu report that divorce results in more households that use more water, energy and land resources and that generate more solid and liquid waste, including more greenhouse gases. The study was edited by Paul “Population Bomb” Ehrlich who, in 1967, predicted that the world was running out of food and that hundreds of millions would die of starvation as a result in the 1970s and 1980s. Remarriage helps reduce environmental damage. “The results suggest that mitigating the impacts of resource-inefficient lifestyles such as divorce helps to achieve global environmental sustainability,” the study concludes. “The personal life is over,” is what a Bolshevik apparatchik told Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago. Soon we’ll all be living for the Left’s twisted idea of what’s good for Comrade Earth — that is, until someone comes up with a no-carbon divorce.