Eliot Pitbull Spitzer’s New Target

You could knock me down with a feather: New York’s Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer ââ?¬â?? a big government liberal best known for using dirty tactics to terrorize political opponents and company CEO’s ââ?¬â?? proposed a bold new plan to cap property taxes in his recent state-of-state address. The plan, which seeks to impose a “fair and effective cap” on school taxes in New York, is remarkable for two reasons: One, it has been proposed by a big government liberal. Two, it will drive teachers unions, a key Democratic constituency, totally bonkers. But the governor seems unfazed. He insists that though the cap is a “blunt instrument,” it is necessary to force “hard choices and discipline when nothing else works” to rein in wasteful spending by schools. Ronald Reagan couldn’t have said it better! Read New York Post columnist, E.J. Mcmahon’s, take here:

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