Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie Meet With Cleveland City Council This Morning

Michael McIntyre of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes:

Drew Carey is coming home.

The host of “The Price is Right,” who accepted Cleveland City Council President Martin J. Sweeney’s invitation to “come on down,” will address council Thursday to discuss his cut-the-government ideas to save the city.

Carey, a board member of the libertarian Reason Foundation, recently produced a series of Web videos laying out his ideas to save Cleveland by privatizing government services, reforming schools, lowering taxes and cutting government red tape. He wasn’t kind to those who form the “centralized government” here, which includes council.

In addition to the Web videos broadcast on the site, Carey appeared as a guest on John Stossel’s show on the Fox Business Network to talk about how lowly Cleveland has become and how his ideas could save it and other rust belt cities.

Sweeney sent the comedian a fawning letter after the videos came out.

“I don’t have to tell you that Clevelanders sometimes bristle at criticism from outsiders, but you are one of us and always will be, and as one of our Favorite Sons, your thoughts and ideas are most welcome,” wrote Sweeney. (It’s a sentiment not share by all council members.)

“While I cannot promise you complete agreement from the members of Council, I can assure you of a respectful hearing and an open dialogue,” he wrote.

Invitation accepted.

Carey and Nick Gillespie, editor of and narrator of the “Reason Saves Cleveland” series, will address council Thursday at 10 a.m.

The city’s TV station is supposed to have a live video stream of the meeting at 10 a.m. here.


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