Brian Mannix is Senior Research Fellow in the Regulatory Studies Program at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Prior to joining the Mercatus Center, Mr. Mannix was the Director of Science and Technology Studies for the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, and earlier was Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia under Governors George Allen and Jim Gilmore.

Before joining the Allen Administration in Richmond, Mr. Mannix was president of Buckland Mill Associates, an economic and management consulting firm. Prior to that, he was managing editor of Regulation and a resident fellow in economic studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

Mr. Mannix also has worked within numerous federal government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Office of Management & Budget, and Council on Wage & Price Stability, and has held a variety of teaching positions at Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He holds an AB and A.M. in Chemistry from Harvard University, and an M.P.P. from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

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