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The cost of the stimulus is estimated to be $787 billion, but this number is based on calculated guesses for several provisions, including certain social programs, health programs, and tax cuts. For instance, modernizing state unemployment systems is estimated by the Wall Street Journal to be a $2.9 billion project. However, the estimate we cited suggests the cost will be $7 billion. The differences in numbers create varied totals on what the real cost will be. Here is the stimulus bill by the numbers in Reason’s Taxpayer’s Guide to the Stimulus:

(In Millions)

$20,000 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
$11,800 Rural Housing and Community Loan Guarantees
$3,140 Rural Business-Cooperative Service
$2,500 Rural Development Broadband Program
$1,380 Rural Water and Waste Disposal Loans
$650 Forest Service Improvements
$500 Child Nutrition
$500 Wildland Fire Management
$340 Watershed Operations and Flood Prevention Program
$244 Farm Service Agency
$200 USDA Buildings
$150 Emergency Food Assistance Program
$100 National School Lunch Program
$19,100 Commerce, Justice, Science
$5,600 Scientific Research Programs
$5,000 Law Enforcement Programs
$4,700 Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
$2,000 Edward Bryne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program
$1,000 2010 Census Operating Budget
$650 Digital TV Converter Coupons
$150 Economic Development Assistance Program Grants
$17,775 Armed Forces
$7,900 Department of Defense
$4,600 Army Corps of Engineers
$2,200 U.S. Army Modernization
$1,500 U.S. Air Force Modernization
$1,200 U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Modernization
$375 Mississippi River & Tributaries Programs
$51,900 Energy
$16,800 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs
$10,100 New Energy Technology Research Initiatives
$6,500 Electricity Providers to Increase their Borrowing Limits
$6,000 Environmental Clean Up Programs
$5,000 Weatherization Assistance Program
$4,500 Energy Department to Modernize the Electric Grid
$2,000 Manufacturing Vehicle Batteries
$1,000 Water Management Projects
$9,434 Federal
$5,500 Federal Buildings Fund
$3,000 SBA Secondary Market Guarantee Authority
$450 Small Business Administration General Fund
$300 Replacing the Federal Vehicle Fleet
$100 Community Development Financial Institutions Fund
$84 Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board
$3,305 DHS
$1,000 TSA Aviation Security
$700 U.S. Customs and Border Protection
$650 Homeland Security
$615 Federal Emergency Management Agency
$240 Coast Guard
$100 Southern Border Security Fence
$9,285 Interior
$6,400 EPA Grant Programs
$800 EPA Hazardous Waste Clean Up
$735 National Park Service
$500 Bureau of Indian Affairs
$340 Bureau of Land Management
$280 Fish and Wildlife Service
$140 USGS Geological Surveys
$75 Smithsonian Institution and NEA
$15 Historic Preservation Fund
$75,361 Labor
$27,000 (est.) Unemployment Insurance
$14,000 (est.) Economic Recovery Payment
$8,800 (est.) Unemployment Checks
$7,000 (est.) State Unemployment System Modernization
$5,100 Department of Labor Job Training Programs
$5,000 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF)
$2,500 HHS Health Center Grants
$2,000 Neighborhood Stabilization Program
$1,090 SSA National Computer Center
$1,000 HHS Prevention and Wellness Fund
$930 Department of Labor Budget
$650 HHS Programs
$160 Corporation for National and Community Service
$131 Economic Recovery Payment Processing
$1,900 State
$1,000 VA Medical Facilities
$350 Department of Veteran Affairs
$310 State Department Programs
$190 State Department Capital Investment Fund
$50 National Cemetery Administration
$48,100 Transportation
$27,500 Highway Infrastructure Investment
$8,400 Mass Transit
$8,000 High Speed Intercity Rail
$1,500 Surface Transportation Infrastructure
$1,300 Amtrak
$1,300 Federal Aviation Administration
$100 Maritime Administration
$13,610 HUD
$4,000 HUD Public Housing Capital Fund
$2,250 HOME Investment Partnerships Program
$2,250 HUD Homeowners Assistance Programs
$2,000 HUD Emergency Assistance
$1,500 Emergency Shelter Grants Program
$1,000 Community Planning Grants
$510 Housing Programs on Indian Reservations
$100 Lead Hazard Reduction Program
$102,050 Education
$53,600 State Education Budgets
$15,900 College Tuition Grants
$13,000 Struggling Students in Poor Areas
$12,880 Disabled Students
$3,000 Childcare and Community Development Grants
$2,100 Head Start and Early Head Start
$820 School Improvement Programs
$450 Technology Development Programs
$300 University Programs
$156,831 Public Health
$87,000 Federal Medicaid Funding to the States
$9,900 Medicaid Coverage for the Unemployed
$24,700 (est.) COBRA Unemployment Healthcare
$19,000 Health IT Infrastructure
$8,200 NIH General Research Funding
$2,000 National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
$2,000 Community Health Centers
$1,300 NIH National Center for Research Resources
$1,100 CER Programs at HHS and the National Institute of Health
$550 (est.) Qualified Individual Program
$500 NIH Buildings
$500 Specialized Training for Doctors and Nurses
$81 Title V Administration

Appropriations Spending Subtotal: $467,701,000,000
Estimated Cost Spending Subtotal: $82,450,000,000

Total Spending: $550,151,000,000

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Written by: Anthony Randazzo. Please email with any comments or corrections.