Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, May 2018
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Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, May 2018

Houston ISD Board approves performance audit.

Notable Quotable

“Districts started out supple, with low overhead structures and few financial commitments to prevent money from reaching the classroom. They could readily adjust if student enrollment or residential patterns changed. But, in the mid-20th century, districts began to take on commitments that made them inflexible.”—Paul Hill & Robin J. Lake, Center on Reinventing Public Education

Student Based Budgeting in the News

Houston ISD Board Approves Performance Audit
Texas’ largest school district will receive a comprehensive performance audit to examine how it spends its money and ways it can operate more efficiently, a move that parents and community members have advocated for amidst the district’s current budget crisis.

Charters Must Avoid District Financial Mistakes
Charters can learn from the long-term commitments that have made districts inflexible, write Paul Hill and Robin J. Lake.

Teacher Pay Is Only Half the Equation
Reforming teacher certification, recruiting top college grads, and empowering principals to fire ineffective teachers are central to improving the profession, writes University of Arkansas’s Robert Maranto.

Research & Resources Spotlight

Video: What’s New in Education Funding?
Reason’s Lisa Snell moderates a school finance panel with leading experts, including Marguerite Roza of Georgetown University’s Edunomics Lab.

Education Resource Strategies: 2018 Student-Based Budgeting Summit

Education Research Strategies is excited to convene a Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) Summit this summer to bring together districts that currently use SBB and districts that are interested in moving to SBB to share best practices and lessons learned, do deep dives with peers into ongoing challenges, and spark new ideas and evolutions for each district’s SBB system. We hope you will consider joining us and our SBB partner districts for this exciting event!

When: Thursday, July 19 – Friday, July 20

Where: Boston, MA

Target Attendees:

  • Experienced SBB districts: suggested attendees are CFO + two members of the SBB team.
  • New to SBB districts: district attendees must include CFO + CAO or Chief of Schools or Academic Representative + HR Chief or HR Representative (Implementing SBB requires significant coordination and alignment across all three departments, so it’s critical for all to be present at the summit.).

For more information about attending the summit see:

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