Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, May 2017

Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, May 2017

"Our results support the funding of students directly, using a weighted student funding formula, a.k.a. "backpack" funding."

Notable Quotable:

“Our results support the recommendations of the Fordham Institute and others to fund students directly, using a weighted student funding formula, a.k.a. “backpack” funding. Placing public charter schools on a par with TPS in receiving local educational funds, as Colorado plans to do, would bring over half the cities in our study to funding parity across the two public school sectors.”- Dr. Patrick J. Wolf, University of Arkansas

Student Based Budgeting in the News:

Future of Education Finance Summit 
Please join Reason Foundation and Allovue on July 17th at the Four Seasons, Baltimore! This day-long event will bring together education finance professionals and district leaders to network, learn, and discuss the future of education finance. To preview the agenda and register click here.

Colorado Governor Expected to Sign Historic Legislation 
The state’s legislature approved a bill that requires school districts to share revenue raised from mill levy overrides with charter and innovation schools.

Local Revenues Cause Large Gaps in Charter Funding 
On average charter students receive 29% less funding than students in traditional public schools according to a new study released by the University of Arkansas.

Trump’s Budget Includes Funding Portability 
The proposal allots $1 billion for districts to adopt student-based budgeting and allow funds to follow students to their school of choice.

Best Practices Spotlight:

Lessons from IPS Innovation Schools: Principals Enjoying Financial Flexibility
“If there’s a need that these kids have, we don’t have to go through the bureaucratic process of, ‘Let’s get this approved, let’s talk to this person, let’s see if there’s money for this. We have the whole pot of money to serve our kids. Now you decide how you use those funds based on what the kids need.”

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