Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, July 2018
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Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, July 2018

Puerto Rico's student-centered funding system gets green light.

Notable Quotable

“Puerto Rico’s use of a student-centered funding system will help to ensure those with the greatest need receive the most support. Amid the hardships and challenges following Hurricane Maria, I am pleased to see Puerto Rico rethinking school and putting students’ needs above all else.” U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos

Student Based Budgeting in the News

Puerto Rico’s Student-Centered Funding System Gets Green Light
Secretary DeVos approved the district’s application for the federal pilot that allows participants to streamline federal, state and local dollars into a single formula.

Report: Clark County School District Shortchanges Schools in Less Affluent Neighborhoods
According to state board Vice President, Mark Newburn “We’re funding schools that are serving at-risk students at possibly a much lower level than we’re funding schools in the affluent areas and it’s all invisible, we can’t see it.”

Research & Resources Spotlight

Podcast: LAUSD at the Edge of a Fiscal Cliff
Reason Foundation’s Lisa Snell sits down with Paul E. Peterson of Education Next to discuss LAUSD’s financial problems.

Superintendents Speak: Implementing the Local Control Funding Formula
A new report finds that despite some concerns, there is widespread support for California’s funding system that was adopted in 2013.

What Effect Did the New Orleans School Reforms Have on Student Achievement, High School Graduation, and College Outcomes?
A new Tulane University report by the Education Research Alliance finds that:

  • The reforms increased student achievement by 11-16 percentiles (depending on the subject and analysis method).
  • The reforms increased the high school graduation rate by 3-9 percentage points.
  • The reforms increased the college entry rate by 8-15 percentage points.
  • The reforms increased the college persistence rate by 4-7 percentage points.
  • The reforms increased the college graduation rate by 3-5 percentage points.

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