Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, January 2018

Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter

Center for Student-Based Budgeting Newsletter, January 2018

Notable Quotable:

“One child’s public education should not be valued any less than another’s simply because his or her parents choose a public school that happens to have the word “charter” in its name.” — Terrance D. Carroll, former speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives and Peter C. Groff, former president of the Colorado Senate


Student Based Budgeting in the News:

California Can Learn From Success of the State’s Charter Schools

The state’s Local Control Funding Formula made important reforms that gave schools more control, and now it’s time to give more choice to parents.

Are Dollars Allocated Based on Students?

School choice advocates don’t have to become school finance experts to understand whether a policy supports funding portability—they usually just need to ask a simple question.

Mississippi Considering School Finance Reforms

A new proposal seeks to make funding more fair as legislators also seek to expand the state’s popular choice program.

Charters Take Big Step Toward Fair Funding

In 2017, Colorado and Florida became the first states in the country to give charters equitable access to local revenues.


Research & Resources Spotlight:

Are Microschools the Next Big Thing?

Emphasizing interdisciplinary project-based learning, building social skills, and tailoring instruction to the needs of each individual student, microschools are breaking the traditional school model mold.


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